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Furniture Restoration

wood restorationFurniture restoration service is an art and science. It is a specialized skill that requires passion, and demands meticulous attention to detail, a delicate touch, and ultimate patience. It also requires comprehensive knowledge of chemical processes to achieve the right appearance, which can vary for different types of wood.

Few things can compare to wood furniture when it comes to adding character to a house. With these pieces of living history on display, you define yourself as an inheritor of tradition with physical reminders of yesterday’s classic world. Don't compromise the value of your furniture by leaving it in disrepair. 

One of the advantages of purchasing antique furniture is their durability. However, this does not mean that you can leave it alone and ignore it. Like anything else, antiques require maintenance, and that is done through regular refinishing and inspection. Our antique restoration and furniture refinishing services will keep all your furniture in mint condition. 

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